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The Rise of Gummy Pop Surprise: A Global Collectible

In the world of toy and treat design, Gummy Pop Surprise emerged as an international collectible, coveted by countless kids and fun-loving adults. From a playful idea to an internationally available treat, Gummy Pop Surprise's cute characters are sold on countless store shelves and numerous online retailers such as Walmart, Amazon, Party City, Target, Toys R Us, Giant Tiger and many more.

With our fun cast of characters, each surprise ball features three delicious mystery gummy packs, one limited edition "unicorn pet" collectible with two surprise accessories, a tattoo, and stickers. The rarity and anticipation of each character creates excitement and intrigue, while the engaging packaging and colourful shelf appeal stand out to its vibrant consumer base. This is the kind of project we can't get enough of... In fact, you may just see something new hitting the shelves in the not too distant future.


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